Teaching and practicing the non-violent traditional Japanese martial art of aikido
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Welcome to AIKIDO in Fredericksburg

What is AIKIDO?

AIKIDO is an effective, yet non-violent, traditional Japanese martial art. AIKIDO was developed by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), a Japanese philosopher and master of kendo, spear-fighting, and jujitsu. O'Sensei (great teacher, as we refer to Ueshiba) was disillusioned with the endless cycle of violence and competition in the martial arts, so he designed AIKIDO as a discipline of personal refinement. Master Ueshiba taught the aikidoist to move with, rather than against, the attacker by drawing on our internal energy, or "ki". Ones goal in AIKIDO is to redirect the opponents' energy and neutralize an attack without harm. AIKIDO is non-competitive, taught in a cooperative manner, good exercise, and fun!

Why do AIKIDO?

The practice of AIKIDO is characterized by a clear extension of power, resulting in fluid, functional movements for effective, non-violent, self-defense. Most people, even athletes, find that AIKIDO is helpful in developing coordination and reflexes. Most important, AIKIDO can teach one how to deal with the stresses of daily living and acquire a general sense of well-being. The ultimate goal in AIKIDO is for the individual to develop mental, physical, and spiritual integration.

Who can do AIKIDO?

Anyone can practice AIKIDO. Almost any age person, from children to grandparents, can perform AIKIDO techniques. Each of us has some physical limitations of one type or another. Each person trains within their own abilities. In AIKIDO, we learn to enhance our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. AIKIDO in Fredericksburg offers classes for children, youths, adults, and seniors!

How do I begin?

STARTING AIKIDO begins simply with interest and a desire to learn. Beginning students are accepted into the dojo at all times. Required clothing is a loose sweatsuit with a long sleeve top or a martial arts uniform with a white belt (available at the dojo). Beginners get individual attention from the instructor and senior students to become familiar with the basics of AIKIDO practice. The best way to find out what AIKIDO is about is to come try a class -- you are under no obligation.

To schedule a free trial class, click here or phone us at 540.455.3378


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